Welcome to smart program

SMART PROGRAM is tailor-made for healthy individuals carrying about their health and would like to prevent potential aesthetic and health problems.

While undertaking the SMART PROGRAM, one will be able to understand how current lifestyle and nutritive habits affect health.

Smart program adopts a holistic approach to help you and your loved ones achieve an excellent state of health and wellness through a 3-step process, which are: (1) Health Assessment, (2) Detoxification and Diet and (3) Energy Rejuvenation. 


The key to lifelong health lies in disease prevention and health maintenance, and the key to prevention is health assessment. 


Cleansing your body is the first step to improving your health, increasing vitality, and restoring body and mind balance. 

A strong cell as the basis for health

Stress, sleep deprivation and low energy will kill you much faster than a cheeseburger. Quantum Zone system helps you restore your energy and gain back your health.


The key to lifelong health lies in disease prevention and health maintenance, and the key to prevention is assessment. To provide you with a health plan that is tailored to your needs, we need to understand the true condition of your body, both internally and externally. We do this through the use of cutting-edge non-invasive diagnostic tests and examinations to get a whole in-depth picture of your health, genetics, environment and lifestyle.

Hardware and software diagnostic complex (HSDC-complex) analyzes the body and gives the diagnosis of the physical (funkctional and energy) condition and its needs prior to the treatment itself. During the treatment, using bio-resonce principles, self-correcting body mechanisms are being stimulated, which result in superb therapeutic effects. The device uses sensors attached to the computer, and intuitive software guides the therapist through each part of the treatment step by step.


Methodology In The Quantum Zone

The ultimate goal of the treatment is to achieve and maintain the energetic balance, for which HSDC-complex at first gathers the accurate data on the status and energetic deficits, after which it transfers the exact amount of energy which is needed by the analyzed tissue.

Hardware and software diagnostic complex (HSDC-complex) analyzes the body and gives the diagnosis of the physical (functional and energy) condition and its needs prior to the treatment itself. During the treatment, using bio-resonance principles, self-correcting body mechanisms are being stimulated, which result in superb therapeutic effects. The device uses sensors attached to the computer, and intuitive software guides the therapist through each part of the treatment step by step.

And the entire treatment is completely non-invasive and painless, very soothing and pleasing to the client. This device does not perform muscle stimulation.

Treatment probes in the body first gather information on the state and the cellular structure of the client and deliver this information in the form of impulses to the computer in device. The computer compares the received impulses from the body of a client with a huge database, transforms and regulates them and delivers them back into the body. It is a closed loop of measurement and treatment  that is constantly being updated and which modulates the energy delivered back to the client.

The unique Hardware and software diagnostic controls and measures skin resistance, internal and external cell resistance, tissue depth, the thickness of the cell wall and polarity (electrical charge) of the cells.

The HSDC-complex uses the results of these measurements in order to adjust the voltage, frequency and intensity of the therapy. SMART PROGRAM gives body exactly what it needs to re-achieve the balance when there is an excess of positive ions and stimulates collagen production and cell recharge. The device stimulates the mitochondria which extract energy from glucose to produce ATP – a chemical that is used in the synthesis of proteins (for cell repair) and for energy storage. Simply put – SMART PROGRAM module stimulates the body to start producing more energy for cell and collagen production, and to carry out metabolic processes.

The effects on the body during SMART PROGRAM treatment:


Ion grid rebalance:

The body consists of billions of electrically charged subatomic particles, ions, which are used in electrical reactions that occur in the body. When these ions are wrongly charged, electrical reactions are losing effectiveness and, besides other effects, can harm the aesthetics of the body.

Improving blood circulation:

Blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Improving blood circulation allows the transfer of a number of essential nutrients to the places where they are needed and bring oxygen to the mitochondria in order to improve energy production.

Acceleration of metabolism:

An accelerated metabolism uses more calories for energy production and burns more fat.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system carries water and toxins and it is closely associated with cardiovascular system. On over time it even more slows down and blocks. If we stimulate the lymphatic system we move the blockades and accelerate elimination of toxins from our body.

Dehydration and decomposition of fat:

From a scientific viewpoint, the electrical potential of the cell is a direct indicator of the overall health of the body. When the electrical potential is low, your cells lose their vitality and ability to function properly, which can lead to fatigue, lack of vitality, and decreased immunity. When you look at the live cell blood sample of an unhealthy person under a microscope; the cells appear clumped together and somewhat lifeless – a classic picture of low electrical potential.

After just 10 minutes of recharging, the cells were re-energized, and regained enough cell voltage to separate from the other blood cells, and return to a more functional state, with a greater degree of separation from other cells. Blood samples taken before and after, showed no change whatsoever.

The energy level or health of a cell can actually be measured in millivolts. According to Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, healthy cells have cell voltages of 70 to 80 millivolts with an overall negative charge. Due to the constant stresses of modern life, a toxic diet and environment, cell voltage tends to drop, becoming even more depleted as we age or get sick.

It is also important to know that consistent use of this technology for an extended period of time is necessary to return cells to a continuous, fully healthy state, with a cell voltage that remains high enough to initiate a natural healing response within the body.

And again, simply mechanically vibrating the cells is not the same as increasing cellular voltage. In the SMART PROGRAM the cells vibrate in response to the frequency stimulation, which increases the electrical potential or voltage of the cell.

Focus on Prevention

There are so many chronic disorders, aches and pains, that are currently only managed with a life-time of discomfort, or prescriptions that rob us of our quality of life and subject us to surviving numerous negative side effects. Why not explore another direction of preventative health, wellness and fitness? Our aim is to release the energy blockages, and help correct imbalances at their source, by helping to create a strong healthy body and immune system, so that the body can heal itself. To accomplish this, we must exercise, move lymphatic fluids, and increase circulation and energy in the cells so that they can function more effectively.

Stagnant Fluid Movement

Another major cause of overall vitality loss is stagnation of lymphatic and other body fluids. Unlike changing the oil in our cars, we cannot remove dirty, stagnant fluids in our body and replace them. Rather than replacing our fluids, we must stimulate circulation to facilitate detoxification and enhance the flow of energy throughout our bodies. As blood and lymph circulate through our bodies, they remove toxins and other waste products. Exercise and good circulation help increase the flow of our vital fluids and assist in the removal of these harmful elements.

It is said that the lymphatic system is the most neglected system of the body. Even orthodox medicine is looking to this system as being the leading cause of many disorders in the body. Lymphatic message has become a popular modality for addressing the congestion and release of toxins.SMART PROGRAME treatment is the most effective tool  ever seen for the movement and release of congested, stagnant lymphatic fluids.

An Overview of the Circulation of Fluids

Consider the circulatory system. The heart is the pump, which pushes the blood through our arteries, supplying our cells with oxygen and nutrients. Once the blood has delivered the oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, it then removes the undesirable carbon dioxide and waste products via the lungs. Moving that deoxygenated venous blood back to the heart is both critical and challenging, because it partially relies on muscle action and one-way valves to get the blood back. This is the basis for the recommendations of vascular/cardio exercise routines promoted by SMART PROGRAM.

By stimulating the cells and systems that remove toxins from your body, exercising muscles, stimulating organ tissue, releasing stubborn fat, increasing cellular vitality, strengthening bones, and raising energy levels, SMART PROGRAM will put you on the path to creating a Fit, healthier, energized, better feeling, YOU!


Scientific proofs of efficacy and fields of use

SMART PROGRAM was developed to help people to break down everyday stress, to achieve perfect regeneration every day and – very importantly – to support the body in clearing energy blockages. Eight recogniZed forms of therapy, ranging from music and relaxation therapy to notes, tonal and vibration therapy and on to magnetic resonance therapy, micro massage and far infrared heat radiation have been combined in a single wellness system, the TBR System. The action of each individual component can be proved scientifically using recognised diagnostics systems.

Objective measurement method to ascertain energy status – TBR System

The science of acupuncture from Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on energy flows within the meridians. It is both scientifically known and recognised that the individual is made up of functional circuits that communicate with one another. There are 72 meridians, including 12 principal meridians, located on the left and right sides of the body and forming the energy channels of the body.

If no problems are present, energy flows unimpeded through these meridians and thus supplies energy to all the functional circuits of the body; the individual is healthy. If the flow stagnates in one of the energy pathways then symptoms will develop in the long term.

Over the centuries, the Chinese have used subjective methods, such as eye-reading diagnosis or feeling the pulse, to determine the status of the organs, functional circuits and meridians.

In our western cultures, we prefer to use objective measuring methods for diagnosis.

The TBR System meridian and energy status measuring system is a bridge between the intuitive “feeling” of energy and our rational, anatomical philosophy.

Measuring the meridians can be used to create a picture of the energy status of the body painlessly. The TBR  System measures skin resistance at the starting and endpoints of the classical meridians. A computer program is used to calculate the energy status of the body and to illustrate blockages and weak points in diagram form.

By taking a measurement both before and after use, the effect – the way in which TBR System causes vital energy to flow once more – can be demonstrated graphically. This allows the change in your energy status can be ascertained very accurately and your individual requirements can thus be targeted very specifically.

TBR System is a unique combination of Chinese knowledge going back 5,000 years and up-to-the-minute computer technology. A measurement can therefore determine the energy status of your body, and any energy imbalances and interference fields can be detected, together with blockages that may be caused by scar tissue, stress or mental problems. The results of the measurement allow a program to be devised that is adjusted to the individual user and also allow the efficacy to be observed.

The measurement method is non-invasive; the procedure is totally painless and lasts only about 20 minutes.

Meridian diagnostics and energy status measurement – space technology

Sunjke 1In 1993 and 1994, Prof. Dr. med. Valery Polyakov orbited the earth non-stop for a total of 438 days in the MIR space station. A meridian diagnosis system was used on this flight to monitor the cosmonaut crews and for his own self-diagnosis and treatment. This preventive measure alone prevented him developing any symptoms of illness. In contrast to previous space flights (the American record at the time was 20 days non-stop in space) Prof. Polyakov returned to Earth fit and with no health problems.

Energy status, energy distribution and any blockages in the body can be visualised using theTBR System meridian diagnostics system and the change after just a single TBR System session can be shown.

TBR System – energy status measurement

TBR System is a computer analysis system for health. In the event of symptoms, the system determines which meridians are disturbed, what has caused this disturbance and what needs to be done to remedy it. It is a unique combination of 5,000-year-old Chinese knowledge based on the energy flows in the meridians with western rational logic and the measuring techniques of modern computer technology and microchips.

This means that your energy status can be ascertained very accurately and therapy can consequently be directed specifically to your needs. In this way, for example, you will discover the best setting and optimum action of the TBR  System.

Technical background of an TBR System Measurement

The energy status of the meridians is determined at the start and end points of the meridians. The measurements are delegable and reproducible. The measuring process is controlled by four microchips. 400 measurements are carried out for each measuring point within a few milliseconds. The computer interprets and processes the measured data, which are then displayed in graph form on the screen. The measurements are pressure-free and taken with an extremely low current within a very short period. The energy output at the acupuncture point measured is a constant 455 billionth of a Joule.

Measurement inaccuracies are filtered out and the computer calculates the meridian value. With a resistance measuring range from 20 kOhm to 60,000 kOhm, it is possible to measure even extremely sick patients. The measurement duration depends on the level of resistance. With a resistance of 1,000 kOhm it is 12 milliseconds, at 20,000 kOhm it is 150 milliseconds. The electrical load on the skin is 455 billionth of a Joule. This means that the cells are not damaged during the measurement as occurs with other procedures. The system has a measurement error of 0.25% (absolute reproducibility according to Prof. F. Popp. Erfahrungsheilkunde, January 2002).

Unlike most other systems, the acupuncture point is not mechanically or electrically stressed. The measuring pin is spring-mounted so that the measuring pressure of 20 grams is always constant and the measurement is totally reproducible. The measuring current of 0.4 microamperes is also very low. Minimal mechanical pressure and a very small current ensure optimum reliability and hence reproducibility of the measurement. Use of a 1.2 volt battery means that “electrosmog” is not perceptible around the apparatus. Transmission of the data from the measuring computer to the computer is undertaken using infrared so that no indirect electrical influence takes place via the computer either. All these factors make the measurements objective and reproducible.

TBR System application

iLifeSTAT_MessungThe meridian measurement used in the TBR System has proven its value over many years and involves the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Establishment of the energy status
  • Detection of energy imbalances
  • Finding the causes of chronic afflictions
  • Observation and evaluation of the efficacy of treatments
  • Detection of blockages arising from scar tissue, stress, psychological problems, etc., for example
  • Detection of interference fields

An overall application plan consists of 4 steps:

  1. Removing the causes of physical problems and restoring bodily functions
  2. Bringing energy flow imbalances back into equilibrium
  3. Processing/integrating unintegrated and unprocessed emotions
  4. Accompanying the client into the life situation s/he desires

Since the meridians are all-encompassing and provide us with information about physical and mental disorders, TBR System can serve as a starting point for every treatment. By using the measured results we are far better able to determine the direction of measures to be taken and to test the results afterwards. TBR System measurements in combination with the use of theTBR System can quickly lead to effective holistic treatment.

Proof of efficacy using dark-field microscopy

Dunkelfeld_vornachIt is both known and scientifically proven that weakened cell metabolism in the blood vessels results in water being deposited. If the vessels swell up, blood can flow only slowly. This, in turn, causes the blood corpuscles to form clumps which can absorb less oxygen. This negative effect is reinforced by “electrosmog” (electromagnetic radiation), such as is given off by radiation from mobile phones, radio and mobile phone transmitter masts and electrical appliances, by a poor diet, medicines, emotional problems, such as stress and overload, too little exercise and severe pollution of the air, soil and water by a wide variety of toxins. Ultimately, the result is poor supply to organs and tissue.

The current “status” of the blood can be observed under a dark-field microscope. Dark-field microscopy is an optical method of examining objects that are so small as to be well below the level of perception of the human eye and that can therefore not be viewed or can only be viewed to a limited extent without technical assistance.

The vibrations, music, notes, oscillations and pulsed magnetic fields generated according to scientific principles by the TBR  System improve cell metabolism, dilate the capillaries, break up the clumps (what is known as the sludging phenomenon) and thus allow the blood cells to take up and transport more oxygen. The result is that circulation to the whole body improves with higher supplies of oxygen and nutrients. Waste products are carried away.

Proof of efficacy using a thermal imaging camera

The process of using a thermal imaging camera to create pictures is known as thermography. Thermography is an imaging process that visualises the heat radiated by an object or body that is invisible to the human eye (medium infrared). In thermography, temperature distributions over surfaces are recorded and depicted. Thermography is a non-contact measurement procedure.

In the field of medicine, one of the uses of thermal imaging cameras is to detect the sites of local inflammations or infections. A thermal imaging camera can also be used to visualise the increased temperature radiation resulting from increased circulation, such as occurs, for example, after a single use of TBR System

Proof of efficacy using heart-rate variability measurements

HRVHeart-frequency or heart-rate variability (HRV) describes the ability of an organism to change the frequency of its cardiac rhythm. Spontaneous changes in the time between two heartbeats occur even at rest.

A healthy body uses autonomic, physiological regulation pathways to adjust the heart-rate constantly to instantaneous requirements. Physical exertion or mental stress is thus known to lead to an increased heart-rate, which normally decreases again on resting or relaxation. Greater variability in heart-rate indicates a greater ability to adjust to stress. In contrast, under a chronic stress load, both of these are more or less restricted and thus reduced because of the typically high, ongoing tension levels.

A heartbeat in a healthy individual is triggered by an impulse from the sinus node, the central pacemaker of the autonomic excitation system of the heart. This, in turn, is influenced by the higher-ranking vegetative nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system exerting an activating influence, one of the effects of which is to increase heart rate. Physical and mental stresses are accompanied by an increase in sympathetic nervous system activity in parallel to the physical functions controlled by the vagus nerve, such as digestion.

Just a single TBR System session results in a significant increase in heart-rate variability, the capacity to adjust to stress is increased, and the actions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic, and the enteric nervous systems, which, together, form the nervous system and control all the organs, are balanced out.

Life Sound Chaise

The Energy and Meditation Machine!


Stress and stress related illnesses are at epidemic proportions globally. However, our reaction to stressors can actually be one of relaxation. It’s all a matter of learning how to generate a healthy response in the face of stress and to learn how to routinely exist in this state. And everyone can learn.
When we experience fear-based emotions associated with stress we tend to shut down or act out in order to reduce our feelings of fear. Doing so disconnects us from our feelings, literally taking us away from our body. The key to feeling relaxed in the face of stress is to learn what it feels like to be fully present and relaxed. 4L.B.D (4 life Bio Design) technology induces a relaxed and present state of being that you can easily feel. The more you feel relaxed, the easier it gets to recreate these feelings. With greater use these relaxed feelings intensify making you more resistant to feeling the effects of stress and making it easier to recreate feelings of relaxation and presence even when you allow stress to get the better of you.
Using music, the technology produces pleasant sound and vibrations, which induces a very deep state of relaxed drowsiness. The synchronized magnetic field induces a much greater state of presence, as a result of its interaction with the human energy system. During your session, you are instructed to fall asleep, which promotes the development of drowsiness, but the intermittent changes in the intensity of the sound and vibration from the music typically keeps you from falling into a deep sleep. As a result of the changing intensity and greater presence you become profoundly relaxed, but over time you remain aware. You learn to appreciate how relaxed and present you can feel, which then allows you to recreate these feelings anytime and with further practice you learn to intensify them.
Stress Reduction:
According to recent American Psychological Association surveys, approximately 75% of Americans feel that their levels of stress are unhealthy. According the AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians, approximately 66% of doctor’s office visits are stress related. Clearly stress is at epidemic proportions in the U.S. and it doesn’t appear to be lessening.
Stressors in our environment, whether they result from illness, financial issues, and relationship problems or simply due to a traffic jam, first impact the human nervous system and then the body. The stress response prepares our body for fight or flight and in our society, with its numerous stressors, often causes us to experience stress on a chronic basis. The antidote is the Relaxation Response (RR). 4L.B.D technology can produce a very potent RR.
The technology consists of amplified layered music played through transducers that generate synchronized sound and vibration as well as a strategically placed dynamic magnetic field affecting the central nervous system and the human energy system, respectively.
Since the days of our early ancestors we have been endowed with a nervous system that has a built-in, hard-wired survival mechanism. With this mechanism we are always scanning our environment, consciously and subconsciously, for potential danger. The survival mechanism is supported primarily by 3 of our senses, sight, hearing, and touch. While you’re in a Energy and Sound session there is no need to worry about your survival because you are safe so it’s okay to turn this mechanism off or nearly so. We accomplish this by systematically turning off or habituating your senses of sight, hearing and touch. Reducing these sensory inputs to your survival mechanism deactivates or markedly reduces it, producing a brain state of inattention, so that you can relax. More info….

Are you open to a new way of looking at healing? More info….






measure the vitamin and mineral status

Relax & Napping

Imagine a product that increases alertness, boosts creativity, reduces stress, improves perception, stamina, motor skills, and accuracy, enhances your sex life, helps you make better decisions, keeps you looking younger, aids in weight loss, reduces the risk of heart attack, elevates your mood, and strengthens memory. Now imagine that this product is nontoxic, has no dangerous side effects, and, best of all, is absolutely free. This miracle drug is, in fact, nothing more than the nap: the right nap at the right time. 

Need a Nap at Work?

Play Video

Need a Nap at Work?

Play Video

Nap Pods in the Office: a Workplace Trend

“There will always be times when we don’t get enough sleep: we have a sick child, we have a big deadline, we just toss and turn. My advice there is, as soon as you can, get a nap,” “The Sleep Revolution” author tells Business Insider.

The truth is, I predict in the next few years nap rooms are going to be as universal as conference rooms, because the science now is conclusive about the value of napping. Do you want exhausted employees being exhausted during the day, or do you want them to go have a 20-minute nap and literally have another day ahead of them? Because that’s how restorative a nap is.

Nap Pods in the Office: a Workplace Trend

“There will always be times when we don’t get enough sleep: we have a sick child, we have a big deadline, we just toss and turn. My advice there is, as soon as you can, get a nap,” “The Sleep Revolution” author tells Business Insider.

The truth is, I predict in the next few years nap rooms are going to be as universal as conference rooms, because the science now is conclusive about the value of napping. Do you want exhausted employees being exhausted during the day, or do you want them to go have a 20-minute nap and literally have another day ahead of them? Because that’s how restorative a nap is.

Need a Nap at Work?

Napping on the job…what was once grounds for getting fired is now being actively encouraged in some offices. In fact, companies such as Google and Zappos are installing napping pods so employees can rest and rejuvenate during the workday. One thought behind this growing trend is that naps actually increase productivity rather than limit it. 

perfect nap zone


Quantum Zone is a innovative and highly effective system designed for usage in the wellness at home, work, hotel,  fitness and centers for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine. This device combines artificial intelligence with traditional Chinese medicine which gives amazing and long-term results.

Need a Nap at Work?

Office napping goes legit with high-tech pods

There’s enough demand for a snooze spot at work that a number of manufacturers have developed pop-up sleeping accommodations for workspaces.

Sleeping on the job has long been frowned upon, but office napping may finally be climbing out from under the desk.

A small but growing number of businesses are encouraging sleep-deprived employees to grab 40 winks during the workday, providing rooms — or, in some cases, high-tech napping pods — to get the job done right. Benefits include a more productive workforce and, hopefully, the end to stealth sales meeting snoozes.

A third of U.S. adults are not getting the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, contributing to a range of problems, including health issues and mistakes at work. Sleep deprivation costs the U.S. $411 billion in annual economic losses, according to a Rand Corp. study, with the equivalent of about 1.23 million working days lost each year due to insufficient sleep.

Cutting-edge businesses like Google have been providing napping spaces for employees for about a decade, but it remains a vaguely guilty endeavor in many workplaces, and a fireable offense in others. In some corporate cultures, being sleep-deprived is a source of pride.“There’s kind of a badge of honor for how little you sleep in this world,” said Sara Mednick, an associate professor of cognitive science at the University of California at Irvine and author of a book on the benefits of napping. “The idea of napping in front of people while they’re all working really hard — there’s not a lot of respect for that.”

But corporate culture has been slowly changing in the two decades since surreptitious office shut-eye was explored in the 1997 “Seinfeld” episode “The Nap,” in which George Costanza gets trapped for hours in the cozy napping nook under his desk while his boss camps out in the office awaiting his return.

Eastlake Studio, a Chicago architecture and interior design firm that works both with office buildings and individual tenants, is seeing increased demand for designated quiet spaces where napping is a contemplated use.

“They’re just looking for places where people can go get re-energized,” said Tom Zurowski, founding principal of Eastlake. “Certainly that need to just get away from all the noise and maybe take a nap is one of the options they want to provide.”

Zurowski said Eastlake is installing everything from multipurpose relaxation areas to a meditation room for clients. While his firm has yet to create a designated napping room with a bed, spaces with couches, recliners and even massage chairs are intended to help employees throttle down.

Sleeping at the office remains far from widespread acceptance, however. And with 40 to 50 percent of adults napping on a regular basis, Mednick said, that leads to some creative ways to sneak in a workday snooze, such as workers going to their cars, a park bench, the library or a coffee shop to nod off discreetly.

Office napping carries much less of a stigma in other parts of the world. In China, for example, workers often take a break after lunch and put their heads on their desks for an hour-long nap, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Still, there’s enough demand for places to nap at work that a number of manufacturers have developed pop-up sleeping accommodations for offices not necessarily designed for such inactivity.



1. Increase Alertness

Short rest can improve cognitive functioning and alertness, resulting in a 30% decline in attention failures from baseline measure.

Amin, M. M., et al. (2012). The effects of a mid-day nap on the neurocognitive performance of first-year medical residents: a controlled interventional pilot study. Academic Medicine, 87(10), 1428-1433.

RESEARCH: Read abstract at

2. Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Systematic midday napping (at least 3 times per week) is associated with a 37% lower risk of coronary heart disease.

Naska, A., et al. (2007). Siesta in healthy adults and coronary mortality in the general population. Archives of internal medicine, 167(3), 296-301

RESEARCH: Read abstract at

3. Boost Productivity

Lack of sleep causes workers to perform at subpar levels. Harvard researchers estimate that sleep deprivation costs US companies $63 billion in lost productivity per year.

Kessler, R. C., et al. (2011). Insomnia and the performance of US workers: results from the America insomnia survey. Sleep, 34(9), 1161.

RESEARCH: Read abstract at

4. Enhance Learning

Even an ultra short period of sleep is sufficient to enhance memory processing.

Lahl, O., et al. (2008). An ultra short episode of sleep is sufficient to promote declarative memory performance. Journal of sleep research, 17(1), 3-10.

RESEARCH: Read abstract at

5. Reduce Stress

Daytime napping stops or even reverses the process of deterioration in visual perception, thus helping individuals cope with information overload.

Mednick, S. C., et al. (2002). The restorative effect of naps on perceptual deterioration. Nature neuroscience, 5(7), 677-681.

RESEARCH: Read abstract at

6. Improve Mood

Naps improve performance level and self-confidence of task performance.

Hayashi, M., et al. (1999). The effects of a 20 min nap in the mid-afternoon on mood, performance and EEG activity. Clinical Neurophysiology, 110(2), 272-279.

RESEARCH: Read abstract at

Energy enhancer

energy recharge


Energy enhancer

energy recharge



  • Did you know that you have 75 Trillion cells in your body?
  • Did you know that every 11 month your cells renew themselves?
  • Did you know that every 3 month you make new blood cells?
  • Did you know that every 2 years your bone cells are completely renewed?
  • Did you know that every hour your body sheds 1 Billion dead cells?
  • Did you know that your cells need a 70 mV charge to perform cell turnover?

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a primary cause of health and age-related decline. In a revealing study, a team of researchers showed that muscle tissue of a 90-year-old man contained 95% damaged mitochondria compared to almost no damage in that of a 5-year-old. 

Known as “cellular dynamos,” healthy mitochondria produce the energy that powers cells. As people age, however, mitochondria both lose function and decrease in number. Unique Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer recharges energy to enhance mitochondrial function, protect delicate cellular structures, power-charge metabolic processes, and aid in the creation of new mitochondria.


Foods for Cellular Health

Your cells are your foundation for health. If your cells begin behaving or functioning abnormally, your foundation will begin to crumble, leaving you vulnerable to a wide range of health problems. The body is incredibly resilient and efficient but, over time, a poor diet and lifestyle may weaken the health and vitality of your cells. The food you eat is also the food your cells consume, so by eating nutrient-dense food, you provide your cells with the support they need to keep your entire body healthy.  


There are countless ways in which one can go about the detoxification process. A Google search of “How to detox” returns over 127,000,000 hits. The internet, while a priceless tool in the ability to self educate, can also be extremely daunting with the endless amount of choices at your fingertips.

If in need of a jumpstart, science based nutritional detox program, we offer a 21-day, proprietary blended kit to help those looking for a quality centered, nutrient dense alternative.


The small margin between elite and average high performance athletes is a factor of 4 major elements. Athletes must manage all of those elements in concert with each other to achieve optimum results.Nutrition is the one element most often ignored, or at least compromised. Whether lack of knowledge, lack of discipline or lack of belief causes the result, the impact is truly significant. Those who buy-in to a consistent, personally-tailored nutrition program have a distinct advantage over those who believe short cuts can obtain the same result.

Want to Gain weight?  Lost weight?  Build lean muscle?
Increase explosion, flexibility, strength?
Combat jet lag?  Enhance the positive effects of strenuous exercise? Eliminate muscle loss? Increase immune system?

An individually tailored nutrition program will make a significant contribution to each of these and many other goals. And players are never too young to get on the program. Quality nutrition is a habit!  The younger the start-the easier quality and tailored nutrition becomes a life-long habit.

IV nutrition therapy

When you don't have time to be sick

IV therapy is the best delivery method of Vitamins and Minerals into your body.

Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness


You can take the very best supplements and still not achieve optimal health and wellness. This is because your body only absorbs 20 to 30% of the vitamins found in an oral supplement. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for oral supplements because there’s a better option.

The Benefits of Nutrient IV Therapy

The fact that intravenous therapy offers improved absorption and bioavailability opens the doors to better treatment options and increased patient benefits.

In terms of post-operative recovery, for example, The National Health and Nutritional Exampling Survey revealed that when patients receive Micronutrient IV Therapy, physicians see improved wound healing, faster fistula closure, positive nitrogen balance and better strength and activity during recovery.

Beyond the hospital, however, is where the full range of benefits is evident. The providers we work with see nutritional IV Therapy helping a range of patient concerns every day, from allergic rhinitis and asthma to immune disorders, COPD, chronic fatigue syndrome, heavy metal toxicity, migraines and more. IV Therapy offers a new path to treatment for many patients whether they have trouble with oral dosing or they simply need a quick and large dose of vitamins to boost immunity or fight off jet lag.

Functional food and IV nutrient therapy when you don't have time to be sick

Overall wellness is definitely being optimized with Functional food and IV Therapies but it is also appropriate for patients with high inflammatory responses or allergies, food intolerances, gastric bypass, PPL and gastritis.