The world’s first personal device for checking your vitamin and mineral status using a smartphone.


$278,225 USD total funds raised

185% funded on February 8, 2015

Do you know which vitamin or mineral your body needs?

We know vitamins and minerals are essential to life. Our bodies need them to function, but do we know which vitamin or mineral we have enough of and which we do not?

To answer this question we developed Vitastiq!

You can measure the status of the 30 most important vitamins and minerals. Vitastiq will determine whether your vitamin and mineral levels are too low, too high or just right.

Caring for ourselves just became easier:

  • Self-exam anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed instructions for quick and easy measurement
  • Non-invasive, painless method
  • Cable-connection to secure instant feedback
  • Modern device made from quality, durable materials
  • User-friendly application
  • Perfect size for a firm grip
  • No age limits

Gives insight, gives advice

Vitastiq provides insight into vitamin and mineral levels and individual advice on how to improve your vitality with the right choice of nutrients. This way you can react promptly and take the necessary steps to preserve your well-being. As this device saves and evaluates previous measurements, you can keep track of your progress.

So, what’s the trick? There isn’t one – just a synergy between traditional knowledge and modern technology. A thousand years of acupuncture knowledge proves that acupuncture points differ from the surrounding skin. In terms of electrical current, there is an increased conductance and decreased resistance at these points. Vitastiq is based on the EAV methodology that was tested and proved by a team of medical doctors headed by Dr. Reinhard Voll.


The evolution of traditional knowledge

Vitastiq is a single innovative concept that connects EAV methodology to your smartphone. Expensive tests and specialist check-ups are not needed anymore.


One of the traditional EAV devices used in pharmacies.

Our story

We are a group of friends working together in an advertising agency. After years of working on successful, diverse projects for other companies’ brands and products, we decided to create a product of our own. And not just an ordinary product: a product that could benefit our own healthy lifestyle. That’s why we created Vitastiq – a simple and smart product that can really change your life while making it easier.



Why we need you

After two years of continuous work on the development of the Vitastiq device and smartphone iOS app, we need to bring our product into the next phase. The tools needed for the mass production and development of Android software have proven a considerable financial obstacle.

Our goal is to make Vitastiq available to everyone.

We hope you will recognize the potential of this product and back our project by helping us turn an idea into a reality. Together, let’s make Vitastiq available to everyone!

Budget calculation

  • Android software development: $12,000
  • Tool production to enable mass production: $37,000
  • Total: $49,000