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For Athletes and Coaches

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Winners work with quantum Zone

IWe know that classical training management uses the system of periodization in the sense of meso, macro, micro cycles and the intrasystem change between stimuli and stimulus processing (2+1, 3+1, … systems). The measure of physical strain and fatigue in combination with the ability/behaviour to regenerate (based on fitness level, constitution as well as personal experience with the athlete) is still a matter of “gut feeling”.

A respective state of overload vs. overreach can be determined, defined or avoided unambiguously. The athlete is being pushed to his actual maximum physical and mental limits which bring him to a higher base level at the respective peaks – through optimised regeneration. This exact opportunity opens new perspectives to coaches and athletes.

The algorithms that are the basis of the results do not rely on the usual figures of a few top athletes but are based on the performances of the particular athlete himself. All changing constellations between the priorities of individual constitution and variable development are constantly considered. Numeric and graphic H.S.D.T performance data is available at the click of a mouse and provide top and hobby athletes safety in the planning of their training and life.

Four reliable parameters indicate the way to success
  1. Training-Readiness
  2. Special Stress-Recovery-Parameter (STEP-Value)
  3. NeuroPhysiological Strain (NPB)
  4. Continuous Stress Test (DLT)
  • The core value of this specialised software – the so-called “training readiness” – is being determined by all influencing daily stimuli, the performance in training and the ability to regenerate in sleep.
    Compared to the values determined by blood, saliva and urine, H.S.D.T yields information about stresses and illnesses long before they can be measured in bodily fluids. Therefore, one can react to possible confounding factors straight away.
  • This special parameter puts the most important dimensions for sports – stress and recovery – in relation. It has such a high significance because all stressors of the 24h measurement are confronted with the regeneration in sleep. Combined with the neurophysiological strain (NPB), much more significant information emerge in regards to the analysis of the overall stress than would be possible by just observing the heart rate at rest.
  • Training uses the organism’s ability to adapt to increasing stress. In this context, neurophysiological strain (NPB) measures the effect of endurance training’s physical and mental stimuli on the autonomic nervous system.
    This makes H.S.D.T sport a software program that analyses not just everyday life but also every individual training
  • The Continuous Stress Test (DLT) investigates when the body switches from mostly aerobic (oxygen-rich) to anaerobic (oxygen-poor) energy production. Knowing this individual threshold allows for training stimuli to be adapted and the metabolism to be shaped more economically.
    The test is being done during a long-term H.S.D.T measurement and is saved as an activity. It lasts approx. 30 minutes during which time one should run or cycle for as long as possible. The results can be transferred to and manually maintained on the athlete’s profile (account).
    Tip: The results of the test can be validated using the NPB value of a subsequent training.

Winners work with HRV Sistem

“The most basic benefit of Autonom Health’s HRV analysis can be seen in all my coaching when clients actually realise that they can rely on their intuition 100%. The Lebensfeuer spectrogram and the H.S.D.T data prove that at critical moments, top athletes knew instinctively what would have been the right decision for them even if at the end they acted against their gut feeling, often to their own detriment. Athletes are exposed not just to the expectations of their coaches and sponsors but mostly to their own ambition to overcome physical and mental limits far beyond to what feels manageable. As a former top footballer I know just how that feels. Often, you are afraid to take action for your own good. Instead, you overload your system until a defect puts an end to it. This is not just questionable health-wise for the athlete but also costs millions every year for clubs and sponsors. But once you have an objective procedure, like H.S.D.T sport, you and your team receive the necessary credentials in the form of a scientifically comprehensible method which enables the training program to be adapted to the individual’s needs and to allow regeneration so that the required performance can be achieved for a long time on the highest level.”

Alain Sutter 
top footballer, 1985-1998
Grashoppers Zurich, Bayern München, Swiss national football team and more.