Want to boost employee productivity and disposition? Reduce absenteeism? Do you simply realize that the people who work at your company are the most important resource and want to help them stay healthy?

No matter what the reason for starting a wellness program in the workplace, your employees deserve a wellness program that is not “one size fits all” but a program tailored to each person.



Most companies have realized that salaries and contributions for many employees are not a sufficient and crucial reason for them to work in their company only when their best start going to competing firms.

Wellness at work is increasingly becoming a worldwide trend, but probably you, like many other employers, are still unaware of what it entails and how it can affect business. Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, we are available to help you develop programs that will benefit both your employees and your business.


In Yours Teams Well-Being


  1. Healthy workers are more productive and make fewer mistakes at work because they are not chronically fatigued, stressed, or sleepless.
  2. Healthy workers have fewer absences. Some employers have reduced absences by 40 percent with a good wellness program. 
  3. Healthy workers have lower health care costs, which can be very significant for employers. 
  4. Employers with a good wellness program typically have a good corporate culture that significantly improves their ability to attract and retain the best employees. 

Why are we different?

Our clients hire us to prevent possible health or aesthetic problems and to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but also because they are confident that we can have a solution even if the problem arises. Unlike most health programs that mainly use diagnostic methods (biometric assessments, questionnaires, biochemical analyzes, ultrasound, CT …) that can be identified and seen when often the only solution is surgery, we are able to detect irregularities and several years before the onset of symptoms. We offer a holistic approach based on the experience of integrative but also the latest developments in quantum medicine.

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Did you know that there is a technology that can scan and analyze the body at the same time to find irregularities and then eliminate them while enjoying a position that gives you a feeling of zero gravity.

We have selected the best that science and technology have to offer in the field of functional diagnostics and therapy, and have packed it all into a system that replaces dozens of diagnostic examinations and therapeutic procedures.

For the first time, this system offers you the opportunity to find out the answers to three key questions: Where are abnormalities in your body, what is their cause, and what is the optimal diet or therapy.



Choose The Program

Learn about topics that can enhance your life and health while enjoying functional foods.

In the cozy ambience of the Helvecia Hotel, we organize workshops, gatherings and lectures where you will find information that will forever change the way you think about health and nutrition. In a simple and easy to understand way, we will explain how to make small changes to your lifestyle and diet affect the most important factors that determine your health and appearance. We will talk about topics and respond to the questions that interest you.

Have you heard of a place where it is possible to “take a nap” for twenty minutes and thus restore energy and energy for daily tasks?

Dormancy at work … what used to be the basis for layoffs is now commonplace for many companies. After Google installed and introduced deck chairs where their employees can rest and take a nap during the business day, thousands of businesses embraced the idea to offer their employees the opportunity.

Most employees, when they run out of power and are drowsy, resort to drinking coffee, energy drinks or sweets whose negative effects we are all aware of. Instead, we want to offer you something much better. Something that will greatly increase the productivity of your employees and why they will be grateful to you. Find out more …

Innovative Fitness offers you the ability to choose or combine Unique Hydro gym, Yoga and EMS Fitness

Companies that have introduced yoga or Tai Chi as an opportunity to relax their employees have noticed:
• increased energy and creativity,
• better organization and leadership,
• greater endurance and better adaptation,
• the emergence of enthusiasm, new ideas and their realization. 


Transforming Corporate Warriors Into Peak Performers

Tired of stress and burnout dictating your company’s culture? Harness biocompatible healing technologies to optimize cognitive function, revitalize energy and perform better now.