An innovative device that tracks your nutrient levels using a smartphone is a
perfect addition to your fit lifestyle and smart dieting habits.

Vitastik is a user-friendly device that can be part of your everyday life: with its help you can get important information about your vitamin and mineral levels anytime and anywhere. All you need to get started is Vitastik device, smart phone, a free application Vitastik app and a little time for yourself.

Why use Vitastik device?

Detailed instructions for quick, easy and painless measurement
Connecting a cable to provide immediate feedback.
Modern equipment is made of high quality and durable materials.
User-friendly application
Appropriate size, which allows a firm grip
No age limit
One device for an unlimited number of users
Compatible with iPhone iOS 6 or higher operating system
Compatible with Android 4 or later operating system

Vitastik is not a medical device. It cannot prevent, treat or cure any medical problems nor can it diagnose a medical condition. Just like any other modern device, it helps you in tracking and monitoring your daily lifestyle and fitness activities. Nonetheless, if one or more of your Vitastik levels are low or high, it would be wise to visit your physician.

Even if all your Vitastik levels are fine, it does not mean you should skip regular visits to your physician.