This document represents an agreement between




This partnership agreement, the “Agreement” is made and entered into this___________,   

the “Effective Date” by and between NUTREE WELLNESS CENTRE with its principal place of

business located in Doha-Qatar, P.O.Box 24604 the “Company” and INNOVATIVE WELLNESS

TECHNOLOGIES with its principal place of business 4lifebiodesigne doo Djackog Bataljona 7a

Obrenovac Srbij, the “Partner”

WHEREAS, the “Company” is in the business of wellness related products and services;

WHEREAS, the’ Partner” has one of its expertise in the area of wellness technologies and owner of

QUATNUM ZONE CAPSULE; in addition to other product and services related to the wellness


WHEREAS, the “Company” desires to purchase 2 QUATNUM ZONE CAPSULES and be the sole

representative in specific markets which will be further indicated in the agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, the “Company” and the “Partner” hereby agree as follows:


The nature of the collaboration

The “Company” is aiming to act as the sole representative for the “Partner” in the MENA countries

along with specific markets in Europe which will be determined and agreed on with the “Partner” 

(Listed in Annex A). The scope of the contract covers products and services (Listed in Annex B).

The “Company” will provide support, use its relations to start selling the technology and product , through the possible way like franchise scheme, in the assigned markets and will:



MODEL DESIGNED FOR EXPERT PROGRAM based on a specific payment modality as follows:

    1. Total Value of 80,000 Euros for the above items, the company will use 1capsule and program license before end of the year 2019 , this to make sure that it works and have all the necessary licence from the local Authority in Qatar.
    2. The second capsule and licence will be started to its process in mid of Jan-2020, after obtaining all the paperwork from local Authority.
    3. For the payment terms:
      • 50% (20,000 Euros) for the first machine, will be within signing of the contract.
      • 25% (10,0000 Euros) After finishing the fabrications of the machine, with proof by pictures and Shipments papers, Also sending the software and other paper work.
      • 25% (10,000 Euros) after fixing the machine in Qatar, with the training provided to company by the Partner.


  1. Pay rental charges of the clinics at NUTREE WELLNESS CENTRE


  1. Cover the administrative services in the local market –Qatar


  1. Handle Legal Services


  1. Handle Media and Marketing


  1. Assign Sales Team


  1. Provide needed Logistic


  1. Take Liability charges in Local market


  1. Provide accommodation for the specialists and basic allowances



The “Partner” will provide the following:




  1. Training related to the above program and machine, including sending specialist person to

stay in Doha to train staff and perform services.

  1. Integration solution between the “Company” and the “Partner” in order to access the data for the Clients as per the law.


  1. Monthly salary for the specialist.


  1. Provide training & knowledge of all products and services which will be used by the

                ” Company”


    1. Cost of business trips for the specialist to the assigned markets.


    Special terms of the agreement:

    • The “Company” will have access to all information related to patients and clients using

    Partner’s machines, technology and products, as this is required by law in Qatar.

    • All the actions mentioned above, will be for the year 2020 only. The 2 parties agreed to

    develop business relation as it grows and develop a franchise scheme.

    • The 2 parties will develop a franchise program to be used to be used locally, regionally, internationally and worldwide, in order to enable  

    the selling of the products and technology.

    • The company will provide a marketing plan for all the operating markets, to be started as of

    mid of 2020.

    • The “Partner” will review its prices to help the company getting into certain markets when


    • The agreement between the “Company” and the “Partner” extends beyond normal business

    transactions to cover a growing partnership regionally and globally.



    The terms of the agreement


    • This Agreement will lead to a contract which covers business arrangement between the Company” and the “Partner”.


    • The work modality between the” Company “and the “Partner” is to be on a 50% basis and promotes mutual support. Therefore, the technical knowledge and license will be provided by the “Partner”. The scope should be listed in the contract for accuracy.


    • The company will provide 25% of sales profit sharing will be granted to the “partner” for the first two years or to cover the value of the 2 machines and the technology as per the hole sale prices not the retail price.


    • This will agreement will be valid for 10 years.
  2. Intellectual property and confidentiality


    The “Company” is to preserve and defend the intellectual property of all “Partner’s” products /


     services. Both parties will abide to business confidentiality.  



    Governing Law and Dispute Resolution


    This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of






    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and intending to be legally bound, the Parties have duly executed this


     Agreement by their authorized representatives as of the date first written above.




    Signed for and on behalf of                            Signed for and on behalf of



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