Things You May Hear That Aren’t True



Bemer is FDA “Approved”

It’s important to distinguish “approved” from “registered”. The two terms cannot be but often are, used interchangeably. Typically, people think FDA approved means a drug or medical device is thoroughly researched and tested for particular medical uses. That research often costs millions of dollars.

Registered is different. It means that the FDA has been informed of the existence of a product. There is Class 1 Registration, which is little more than telling the FDA a product exists. Class 2 510(k) Registration does that and classifies the product for specific uses. The FDA may or may not require supporting research. For more information click here for the FDA site.

Bemer is an FDA Class 2 Registered device for muscle stimulation. It is NOT recommended for use for any medical condition. You can find this information on the FDA website.

Both iMRS and Bemer are FDA registered.



There is no squarewave in NASA research

imrs research proven PEMF squarewave

NASA research proved that rapidly varying signals based on the squarewave were effective for results in PEMF. You can check this out by reading NASA/TP-2003-212054 Physiological and Molecular Genetic Effects Of Time-Varying Electromagnetic Fields On Human Neuronal Cells page 4 and page 12. Click here to see the report.



The NASA spacesuit uses Bemer

bemer machine used in NASA spacesuit

The NASA Space Agreement Act authorizes NASA to enter into agreements “to advance NASA program objectives”. This creates what amounts to a list of companies approved to interact with NASA. It is a list of over 1,200 organizations. Appearing on this list does not imply any level of interaction between an organization and NASA.

Bemer is on the list as a non-reimbursable vendor. This means that they agree to interact with NASA at their own expense. NASA cannot pay them. There is no implication that NASA uses the Bemer technology in spacesuits or any other NASA devices. You can check this out by going to the NASA website and looking at the NASA Space Agreement Act documents. Bemer is NOT in any space suit at this time.

Some Bemer representatives say “NASA forced iMRS to remove all references to NASA and NASA’s logo from their websites”. In fact, the NASA logo is a registered trademark and NASA requested iMRS to not use it on their websites. That’s all. The same restriction applies to Bemer.



Independent research backs the Bemer “patented signal”

Look at the Bemer signal. It’s an amplitude and frequency modulated sinusoidal waveform. There is a significant amount of research showing sinusoidal waveforms are not as effective as rapidly varying waveforms like the square and sawtooth waves.

A “patented” signal means nothing. You can patent a signal whether it is good, bad, or indifferent to the human body.

Dr. Rainer Klopper did the research Bemer uses to support the claims they make about their signal. He appears to be funded by Bemer (it is unclear from the published research paper which does not declare the source of research funding). It is not independent scientific research. The exact methodology used to compare different PEMF devices isn’t clear in the research paper.

There is significant independent research proving the effectiveness of the sawtooth and square waveforms. Dr. Klopper’s research is the only “study” claiming Bemer is a better PEMF device.



Only Bemer has research

This is simply not true. Many PEMF machines have supporting research. The iMRS, in particular, has a significant amount of research. One example is Preliminary Study On The Effects Of The IMRS 2000 As Seen By The EPI/GDV And The ES Teck Complex done by Psy-Tek. Many other research studies are available.




Only Bemer promotes microcirculation

PEMF, in general, promotes microcirculation. Bemer can’t make the claim they are unique. Dr. Klopp (see above) cites research using live blood microscopy as proving they improve microcirculation. 

iMRS Microcirculation Darkfield Microscopy

iMRS also has live blood microscopy research showing improved microcirculation. In addition, there are studies using infrared thermography that indirectly shows improved microcirculation. It’s based on increases in skin temperature. In fact, thermography indicates the iMRS may improve microcirculation better than Bemer.



Bemer effects last longer in the body

The length of time a PEMF effect lasts in the body is highly dependent on the individual person receiving treatment. No independently performed side-by-side double-blind research papers that support the idea Bemer lasts longer.

In fact, research shows that rapidly varying EMF signals have a significant, long-lasting impact on the cells in the body.



Bemer is not PEMF

This is misleading, at best. You can take a gauss meter or TriField meter and measure the EMF coming from the Bemer mat. That is what their product is. It does generate EMF. When you look at the waveform, they are creating something very close to a pulsating signal. All EMF pulses in one way or another. Plus, their amplitude modulation creates a more significant pulsing effect.

They claim it’s possible to deliver their “magic” signal using many other modalities like ultrasound and laser. That is not what they do, and they provide no supporting research to prove that claim is true.