F.R.T ENERGY MODUL is a innovative  and highly effective device designed for usage in the centers for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine. This device combines artificial intelligence with traditional Chinese medicine which gives amazing and long-term results.

The ultimate goal of the treatment is to achieve and maintain the energetic balance, for which HSDC-complex at first gathers the accurate data on the status and energetic deficits, after which it transfers the exact amount of energy which is needed by the analyzed tissue.

Hardware and software diagnostic complex (HSDC-complex) analyzes the body and gives the diagnosis of the physical (funkctional and energy) condition and its needs prior to the treatment itself. During the treatment, using bio-resonce principles, self-correcting body mechanisms are being stimulated, which result in superb therapeutic effects. The device uses sensors attached to the computer, and intuitive software guides the therapist through each part of the treatment step by step.

And the entire treatment is completely non-invasive and painless, very soothing and pleasing to the client.

Electrical impulses of very low frequency via probes of treatment pass into the body. This device does not perform muscle stimulation.

Treatment probes in the body first gather information on the state and the cellular structure of the client and deliver this information in the form of impulses to the computer in device. The computer compares the received impulses from the body of a client with a huge database, transforms and regulates them and delivers them back into the body. It is a closed loop of measurement and treatment  that is constantly being updated and which modulates the energy delivered back to the client.

The unique Hardware and software diagnostic control of the F.R.T sistems measures skin resistance, internal and external cell resistance, tissue depth, the thickness of the cell wall and polarity (electrical charge) of the cells.

The HSDC-complex uses the results of these measurements in order to adjust the voltage, frequency and intensity of the therapy. The Quantum Zone gives body exactly what it needs to re-achieve the balance when there is an excess of positive ions and stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. The device stimulates the mitochondria which extract energy from glucose to produce ATP – a chemical that is used in the synthesis of proteins (for cell repair) and for energy storage. Simply put – the F.R.T stimulates the body to start producing more energy for cell regeneration and collagen production, and to carry out metabolic processes.

The effects on the body during treatment:


Ion grid rebalance:

The body consists of billions of electrically charged subatomic particles, ions, which are used in electrical reactions that occur in the body. When these ions are wrongly charged, electrical reactions are losing effectiveness and, besides other effects, can harm the aesthetics of the body.

Improving blood circulation:

Blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Improving blood circulation allows the transfer of a number of essential nutrients to the places where they are needed and bring oxygen to the mitochondria in order to improve energy production.

Acceleration of metabolism:

An accelerated metabolism uses more calories for energy production and burns more fat.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system carries water and toxins and it is closely associated with cardiovascular system. On over time it even more slows down and blocks. If we stimulate the lymphatic system we move the blockades and accelerate elimination of toxins from our body.

Dehydration and decomposition of fat:

Excess water that is trapped in the fat cells makes them appear larger than they actually are. The F.R.T removes water from the fat cells and breaks down fatty buildup in the fatty acids that the body can then use for energy.

From a scientific viewpoint, the electrical potential of the cell is a direct indicator of the overall health of the body. When the electrical potential is low, your cells lose their vitality and ability to function properly, which can lead to fatigue, lack of vitality, and decreased immunity. When you look at the live cell blood sample of an unhealthy person under a microscope; the cells appear clumped together and somewhat lifeless – a classic picture of low electrical potential.

A practitioner, who wanted to know if there was a difference in the effect between F.R.T and Mechanical Whole BodYVibration on unhealthy blood cells, did a blood cell study. After just 10 minutes of F.R.T Vibration, the cells were re-energized, and regained enough cell voltage to separate from the other blood cells, and return to a more functional state, with a greater degree of separation from other cells. Blood samples taken before and after Mechanical Whole Body Vibration, showed no change whatsoever.

The energy level or health of a cell can actually be measured in millivolts. According to Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, healthy cells have cell voltages of 70 to 80 millivolts with an overall negative charge. Due to the constant stresses of modern life, a toxic diet and environment, cell voltage tends to drop, becoming even more depleted as we age or get sick.

It is notable that just 7 minutes of F.R.T Vibration had a positive effect on the unhealthy blood cells. It is also important to know that consistent use of this technology for an extended period of time is necessary to return cells to a continuous, fully healthy state, with a cell voltage that remains high enough to initiate a natural healing response within the body.

And again, simply mechanically vibrating the cells is not the same as increasing cellular voltage. With F.R.T Vibration, the cells vibrate in response to the frequency stimulation, which increases the electrical potential or voltage of the cell.

Focus on Prevention

There are so many chronic disorders, aches and pains, that are currently only managed with a life-time of discomfort, or prescriptions that rob us of our quality of life and subject us to surviving numerous negative side effects. Why not explore another direction of preventative health, wellness and fitness? Our aim is to release the energy blockages, and help correct imbalances at their source, by helping to create a strong healthy body and immune system, so that the body can heal itself. To accomplish this, we must exercise, move lymphatic fluids, and increase circulation and energy in the cells so that they can function more effectively.

Stagnant Fluid Movement

Another major cause of overall vitality loss is stagnation of lymphatic and other body fluids. Unlike changing the oil in our cars, we cannot remove dirty, stagnant fluids in our body and replace them. Rather than replacing our fluids, we must stimulate circulation to facilitate detoxification and enhance the flow of energy throughout our bodies. As blood and lymph circulate through our bodies, they remove toxins and other waste products. Exercise and good circulation help increase the flow of our vital fluids and assist in the removal of these harmful elements.

It is said that the lymphatic system is the most neglected system of the body. Even orthodox medicine is looking to this system as being the leading cause of many disorders in the body. Lymphatic message has become a popular modality for addressing the congestion and release of toxins. F.R.T treatment is the most effective tool I have ever seen for the movement and release of congested, stagnant lymphatic fluids.

An Overview of the Circulation of Fluids

Consider the circulatory system. The heart is the pump, which pushes the blood through our arteries, supplying our cells with oxygen and nutrients. Once the blood has delivered the oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, it then removes the undesirable carbon dioxide and waste products via the lungs. Moving that deoxygenated venous blood back to the heart is both critical and challenging, because it partially relies on muscle action and one-way valves to get the blood back. This is the basis for the recommendations of vascular/cardio exercise routines promoted by the MDs.

An even greater challenge is to circulate the lymphatic fluids. Lymphatic vessels parallel veins and arteries throughout your body and are also essential for removing toxins from your blood stream. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump and relies entirely on one-way valves and muscle contractions to move fluid. This is where F.R.T treatment  assists in moving these stagnant fluids out of the body. Like active exercise, F.R.T will stimulate the cells; energize muscles, and effectively move blood and lymphatic fluid, so your body can function more efficiently. If any of these fluids stagnate, or don’t flow freely, the toxins and wastes will accumulate in our bodies. This may lead to fatigue, aches and pain, lose of vital energy, etc.

By stimulating the cells and systems that remove toxins from your body, exercising muscles, stimulating organ tissue, releasing stubborn fat, increasing cellular vitality, strengthening bones, and raising energy levels, Vibragenix will put you on the path to creating a Fit, healthier, energized, better feeling, YOU!