For most health and aesthetic problems, our body already has an efficient solution, and our task is to help it discover what that solution is. Today, this is easy with the combination of quantum medicine, traditional medicine and technology.

For years, the health and beauty industry has been trying to solve problems by addressing the symptoms and issues that are visible, ignoring the fact that disease and aging processes occur much deeper and earlier inside our bodies. Recent research in bio-regenerative science shows concrete evidence that the causes of obesity, health problems and aging actually occur at the cellular level and that solutions should be sought at that level as well.

According to research by the Swedish Health Organization in 2019, which indicates that the cause of death in 30% of the cases is a heart attack or a stroke. More and more people are suffering from health problems caused by toxins and chemicals they take in through food and medicines, and it is ironic that we are actually poisoning ourselves by consuming what we think helps us. Many chronic illnesses, that have been rare until recently, are approaching epidemic proportions, causing many countries to go on the verge of bankruptcy because of the high health care costs. Health has become a global problem.

People need advice and help to get rid of their aesthetic and health problems. Many of them are desperate because they have already tried dozens of diets, medications and treatments. On the other hand, more and more people are feeling unwell despite taking care of health and nutrition, so the question is how to choose the optimal way of therapy, nutrition or treatment. What helped some has no effect on others, so the question is how to evaluate and choose the optimal drug or therapy or treatment for each person.

Quantum Zone Capsule I Quantum Wellness concept, a system that will be able to offer clients a solution to the causes of their problems instead of solving the consequences. The market is flooded with offers of fast, incredible solutions, but which are quickly found to cause many side effects.

Thanks to the technology we use, it is now truly possible to design health as we can unequivocally assess individual needs for nutrients and the possibilities for their proper utilization and absorption. We no longer have to speculate on how some food, supplement, homeopathic remedy, cream or regular shampoo will affect your body. This can now be predicted and estimated in advance. If we are successful in prevention, as a result, we build good health and save money at the same time.

Only free medicine is the right medicine.


We wanted to create a concept that would offer answers and solutions to health problems. The first task was to find technology that was able to detect the predispositions to a disease before the onset of symptoms, because only then could we talk about true prevention. Another problem we face is how to find the optimal way to eliminate the abnormalities observed without the contraindications that are commonly associated with usage of classic medicines, treatments and therapies. The third and perhaps most difficult problem was how to enable clients to evaluate the quality and benefits of treatments and programs themselves.

We created the Quantum Zone capsule and developed the concept thanks to a team of experts involved in its creation, which combined experience and state-of-the-art technology that can offer each person truly personalized treatments and nutrition programs based on precise health assessment with the possibility to monitor and predict results.

It is possible to find out answers to key questions upon which health and healing processes depend: what part of our body suffers from a certain problem, what is its cause and what is the optimal way to remedy it.


Functional assessment devices are able to detect changes at energy and functional levels, irregularities that are not yet morphologically visible and when the symptoms are not yet present, which gives a much better picture of predispositions to development of physical diseases.

The Quantum Wellness concept is not about healing but prevention. Although the technology is based on the latest scientific breakthroughs in biophysics, bioinformatics and can really help a lot, the Quantum capsule is not a replacement for the official diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Simply put, using this technology we can find out everything we were not able to discover by methods such as ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, etc and vice versa. This is why the synergy of the two approaches is an ideal solution for both patients and medics. By using our know-how we can find out the biological age of our organism, whether we are younger or older on the inside, we can find out all about the function of our organs, what our predispositions are (that is why it is great for healthy people and the field of prevention), and how to improve them, which is essentially the most important.

In the first phase,  Quantum Wellness concept aims to enable experts in various fields to provide their clients with answers to the key questions on which health and aging processes depend. Where does the problem lie, what is the cause and what is the optimal way to remedy the irregularities observed.

In the second phase, the goal of the Quantum Zone capsule is to become an integral part of any hotel, wellness center or company. We want to offer everyone who is thinking of making a power nap or relaxation and meditation space within their company something so much better – a place where they will get various energy treatments and important information about their health, in addition to quick naps and relaxation.

We are all individuals and cannot act or live by any model or pattern, but only accordingly to our system’s and cells’ needs. In order to live healthily, we must first learn to read our own bioinformatics systems, and behave in accordance with what we learn about us. Our philosophy has its place in the wellness industry, because people who have already made the decision to change the quality of their life come here, and with the help of the Quantne Zone, they can unmistakably learn how.

Our desire is for Quantum zones to be available to as many people as possible who will use it preventively, before having any health problem. Make it available to people who want to remove the causes of their problems instead of symptoms and who are aware that only the body’s natural healing abilities are able to eliminate them without contraindications.

The Quantum Zone is unique because of its multifunctionality and the ability to provide all important information about the health of its users in one place. They can talk to experts of different profiles online and while being in a zero-gravity position enjoy a non-invasive treatment that can either relax or boost energy, but also activate the body’s natural healing abilities. Furthermore, thanks to the telehealth option and the ability to implement different diagnostic devices, which we also envisioned, this concept can be part of existing Wellness, Spa, Fitness and Beauty Centers.


This is the motto of our team whose goal is recognition and acceptance of Quantum Wellness concept by people:

– Who want to prevent possible aesthetic and health problems instead of looking for a way to quickly eliminate symptoms.

– Who are aware that our body is able to eliminate or repair any aesthetic or health problem and that the task of a doctor or therapist should be to help the body activate its healing abilities.

– Who instead of going to hospitals, go to innovative wellness and spa centers where doctors will work on finding and eliminating disease predispositions instead of treating symptoms. A center where doctors will make decisions based on their conscience and beliefs instead of applying pre-written protocols.

A healthier life is just another new skill, and the technology that Quantum Wellness uses is a tool that will help you choose what your body truly needs.