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It was about 400 BC when Hippocrates astutely observed that gluttony and early death seemed to go hand in hand. Too much food appeared to ‘extinguish’ life in much the same way as putting too much wood on a fire smothers its flames. If obesity led to disease and death, he thought, then perhaps restraint was the secret to a longer life?

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Kriza COVIDA 19 će proći. Ali da li imate rešenje za vaš biznis. Tu smo da vam pomognemo da svoje usluge prilagodite novim uslovima i da iz ove krize izadjete kao pobednik.

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The demand for meaningful holidays on a personal level is growing. Healing Hotels are differentiated from wellness hotels because they actively support guests’ desires for enhanced health, happiness and balance in their lives, during their stay and after they depart.

What’s the most difficult part of not seeing your client face-to-face?It’s assessing their health. How can you possibly help a client without knowing what they need to support their heath? Sure, you can take an estimated guess. But there’s no way to know for sure… unless you have a non-invasive technology that can almost instantly scan their body field, their body’s control system.



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