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Quantum Zone technology offers the best and latest systems for Recharge (1R) and Recharging & Rejuvenation (2R) cell-based therapies for anti-aging. 

Our therapies enable the potential of an each body to repair itself, thus contributing to the effects of anti aging and effectively extending your life. Personalized therapies affect the cellular level in different capacities, thus optimizing and revitalizing the functions of the whole body, not just the surface.

REJUVENATION is a long-term process based on combination of personalized Recharging, DNA Reprograming and Functional nutrition. As such, it provides personalized therapies and results.


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Protect your most valuable asset - 75 billions of your cells!

Did you know that your body is made of 75 billion cells being rejuvenated within 2 years at the maximum (including bones)? 

Did you know that in each hour 1 billion of cells die and same amount gets replenished thank t the process of cell replication? 

Did you know that your cells require voltage of  70 mV to operate normally thus being responsible for your health and life expectancy?

All health & beauty disorders originate in a cell malfunction.

Therefore, RECHARGE!

While some conventional scientist cut genes from  DNA chains in order to “glue” those to missing areas, others such as quantum scientists have found a way to modify cellular metabolism by using modeled frequencies that fix the genetic defects. The opinion of conventional scientists is that only 10% of DNA is being used for protein build-up, while 90% of other found material is just “junk” information.  

On the other hand, Quantum scientist are of opinion that Nature is not that mistaken, so they joined forces with linguists and gene experts in order to jointly explore this particular “junk”. 

Their experiment revealed revolutionary findings packed in 2R ZONE. 

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Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthy living, experts say we each need to find the balance that works best for us.

The expansion of health tourism and the existence of visible demand for the improved services push the development of a new wellness approach. Markets are oversupplied with generic products and services offering temporary solutions, usually followed by a number of side effects. As such, more and more consumers are looking for non-invasive solutions that treat causes instead of consequences. 

Quantum medical science has enabled preservation of health and youth, prior to any visible symptoms, without use of medicines, chemicals and radiation. 

The future has arrived in a form of the technology being able to detect and remove disorders at the level of an each cell, prior to any visible symptom thus making it possible reverse the beauty and health of a cell via a non-invasive method. 

The main advantage of this system is personalization, meaning that each individual will receive personalized report and suggestions based  on its body cells.

Therefore, it represents the first WELLNESS FORENSIC system now available for mass uses.

1R system is advisable to wellness and fitness centers wishing to offer personalized services to their demanding clients.


21st century is about PERSONALIZATION and providing UNIQUE services and EXCEPTIONAL care.

For such approach, regular trainers and capital intensive machines are not insufficient.

New understanding of human body functioning from the angles of biochemistry, biophysics and quantum physics provide new-tech tools able to decode our cell’s languages and interpret those in an understandable health and energy guides.

20 years of biochemical and biophysics research and development applied in nutrition excellence have allowed us to create a unique worldwide product called Quantum Zone. The system in simple words is able to interpret billions of processes taking place in our body at the time of observation and interpret those in forms of graphics and reports, thus providing us with the most current status of 75 billions of our cells – whether they are hungry, anxious, fed or perhaps missing their DNA testament from the core.

Such information is vital with athletes or sports people looking for optimal results and premium health status, as ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL.



1R system is advisable to fitness, sport and gym centers wishing to offer personalized services to their demanding clients.

WELCOME TO Future fitneess

Cellular Anti Aging

Forget about your expensive beauty creams and cosmetics as they do not attack aging on the right level. They promise only temporary or superficial solutions to your aging problems. Most of them function by masking the processes of aging on the surface level, but never offer solid solutions to where aging really happens.

Latest research in regenerative science provides concrete proofs that aging actually takes place at the cellular level. This is where aging needs to be stopped!

2R system is advisable to beauty and health centers wishing to offer personalized services to their demanding clients.


Want to know more? Please feel free to call us at office@iwt.co.rs with any questions you may have. For International markets please contact us at +381638084286 for personal advice & consultation on what is best for YOU! You can accompany your treatment with our unique, affordable holistic body scans to manage your progress and see what really works for you. Thank You