Now you can transform your home into a sanctuary of sacred scalar energy while your “quantum brain” is re-patterned to meditate like a Zen master


The Tesla F.R system is designed to create a powerful, blissful, zero-point energy field that effortlessly raises your vibration and improves the resonance of your environment.

Inspired by the masterful Nikola Tesla, this Quantum Tesla F.R technology has been researched, developed, and created to clearly define Quantum Physics and Scalar Wave Energy. Ahead of his time, Tesla envisioned a world of love and free energy based on scalar wave technology that did not damage the human energy field or the quantum brain.

Nikola Tesla’s ideas in 1899 are now transforming the world with his brilliant inventions. This Quantum Tesla F.R really is the choiceless choice if you want to raise the vibration in your environment.


The Choiceless Choice

The Quantum Tesla F.R brain training system creates a 24×7 zero-point field in your present environment. From a tiny apartment in a crowded city or an isolated island, the Quantum Tesla F.R delivers results and replaces your need for shiny objects and new courses that promise to heal you.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on those new systems when the solution should be focused on training your brain through revolutionary Scalar Wave Technology. Avoid the spiritual ups and down by creating the Zen in your environment through the scalar energy in the Tesla Coil Field.


Quantum Tesla F.R

Quickly Moving You from Chaos to Coherence


See what our Tesla Tribe members have shared with us about their Quantum Tesla F.R experience

The biggest difference is my meditation. I attain a much, much deeper level where it feels like the inside of my skull is massaged by light. I see colors in my third eye sometimes. Synchronicity is an old friend. I love living in Tesla’s quantum field. It helps me be in the world but not of it.

Barbara, Montessori Educator, 

What’s in the Quantum Tesla F.R that creates such a powerful vortex of scalar energy?


The dissonant energies still on our planet create a field of vibrational “noise” that can make it more challenging to maintain expanded states of consciousness.
In the Quantum Tesla F.R, 10 scalar energy coils are arranged stacked 3 on each level to create a precise and sacred geometry. Both Theta and Delta brainwave states of mind are associated with bliss and enlightenment. With our Quantum Tesla F.R brain training system you can achieve bliss and enlightenment easily.

We’ve designed the Quantum Tesla with pre-programmed frequencies, specifically to help train your brain to move more easily into the theta and delta brainwave states. The Quantum Tesla programs promote a healthful balance of energies in the following areas of your existence:

  • Theta Love (Glands)
  • Relaxation
  • Awaken (Organs)
  • Telomeres
  • Gamma Brain Wave Bliss
  • Raising the Planetary Vibration
  • Protection
  • Empowerment
  • Focus
  • Schumann Resonance and Digestion
  • Ocean Waves

The energy created by the Tesla F.R has been described as transforming your soul by clearing and moving beyond karmic life lessons into soul lessons.


Quantum Tesla F.R and the Law of Attraction

What stops you from manifesting quickly and easily is your stubborn subconscious blocks and repetitive stories. You can easily raise your resonance with tools that are designed to generate coherent zero point fields that uplift you.
The Quantum Tesla F.R dissolves these deepest stories effortlessly. It’s like using a laser beam, rather than an old flint blade, to clean out our oldest karmic stories.

When we dissolve these old, deeply human stories, the potential lying dormant in the subtle, causal body is then awakened. We naturally emerge into our true power.

This dissipates your subconscious blocks to manifesting miracles within the Law of Attraction.


What is unique about the Quantum Tesla design?

It’s hidden in the sacred geometry. The Quantum Tesla F.R brain training system has the power to fundamentally change your human consciousness and support healing on a planetary level.

There is no longer a need to meditate at the top of a mountain for decades to raise your resonance and attain that elusive state of enlightenment and peace. The Quantum Tesla F.R can create this for you in your daily life.

We honor Tesla by naming this F.R after his work in the Scalar Wave Technology field.

Tesla believed there’s potential electricity all around us, due to the interactions between the sun and the earth. This scalar energy, discovered in the vacuum of space, is sometimes called “zero-point” energy.

Quantum Tesla F.R’s unique sacred geometry, combined with the amplitude of the waves created, resulted in a healing tool that is everything we hoped for and more.

We’ve made it easy to use!

  • No learning curve
  • No extended time commitment
  • No headphones tethering you to a device
  • Simply plug it in, turn it on, and go about your day.

Allowing your mind and body to benefit from the energy field around you is as equally as important as knowing that having the Tesla soundwave energy is also profoundly impacting at a planetary level.


Using the Quantum Tesla F.R System – and What to Expect

The Quantum Tesla F.R brain training system should be left on 24/7. It creates an ever-expanding field of coherent energies, which nurture the environment and everything in it.

During the day, we recommend turning the volume down to a comfortable listening level as you go about your daily routine. At night, turn the volume off for quiet sleeping.


Over the first month of using the Quantum Tesla F.R brain training system, here is what you can expect

  • Day One – After setting it up, most people experience mental stimulation. As the Tesla begins to awaken the possible energies, this adjustment is all about getting connected with those energies and understanding how the Tesla works.

  • Day 7 – After a week, the energy may begin to become more stimulating as it invites your brainwaves to look more deeply at your own innate nature. This process begins to deepen within you.

  • Day 30 – After a month, you may still notice some old patterns of resistance. This is normal. We encourage you to see this as a profoundly beautiful gift that allows you to gently and easily strip away your old stories, old habits, and old limitations. This keeps you in tune as you step into greater conscious awareness of your soul’s evolutionary journey.


The Story of Tesla

An Inventor with a Vision for Enhancing the Energy in Our Lives


Tesla believed there’s potential electricity all around us, due to the interactions between the sun and the earth. This scalar energy, discovered in the vacuum of space, known as picture thinking is sometimes called “zero-point” energy.

With all 300 of his amazing patented inventions, Tesla typically did not make drawings by hand but worked from memory. According to his autobiography, his detailed moments of inspiration were accompanied by blinding flashes of light appearing before his eyes, which were often accompanied by visions.

Often, the visions were linked to a word or idea he might have come across. Other times, they provided the solution to a particular problem he had encountered. Just by hearing the name of an item, he was able to envision it in realistic detail.

Tesla visualized each invention in his mind with extreme precision, including in all dimensions, before moving to the construction stage.


Applying Tesla’s Principles

Inspired by Tesla, the creator of the Quantum iQube technology, Robert Lloy, has experienced picture thinking throughout his life. For the last 45 years, we have been using the same principles that Mr. Tesla used to create instruments that raise human consciousness and increase our human potential.

Whether awake or asleep, Robert Lloy continues to receive detailed creative flashes until the project is complete. Lloy notes that since creating (and living within) the Tesla “field”, his gift of picture thinking has increased.

Even co-creator Helena has also experienced picture thinking since living within the Tesla “field”.

“Picture thinking is a natural evolutionary occurrence, which leads to direct knowledge. We feel privileged to bring the Quantum Tesla F.R to humanity.” Robert Lloy


We are seeking more Planetary Changers for our Tesla Tribe

Are we singing your heart’s song?


We’ve shared with you about the benefits of having just one Tesla on Planet Earth for each individual owner, for humanity’s, and for the Earth’s healing.

Now we invite you to imagine… just imagine what a difference having 25… 50… 100… 1,200 on the planet will make.

As we all connect together, creating an interweaving of powerful scalar energy, imagine the Divine shifting from scarcity and separation back into love and abundance…
Imagine how this grid of 1,200 Quantum Tesla F.R will also assist all human souls on the planet, at the level of the collective unconscious, in their own awakening… and how this will also then contribute to healing our precious Planet Earth…

If this sings in your heart, please contact us to discuss how we can co-create this new world together. Join us and become part of this powerful scalar wave ripple effect.


The Inner Workings of the Quantum Tesla F.R

Designed with both rest and activity-stimulating frequencies, the Tesla coils should be playing 24/7 in your home or your office. It easily and efficiently trains your brain into moving into different brainwave phases of alpha, beta, delta, and theta while you go about your daily life.

We’ve added two of the master metals – gold and silver – within the Quantum Tesla F.R system.
Since the Tesla is designed to support your glands and organ which have been stressed and severely imbalanced in an evolutionary sense, both Gold and Silver help you rebalance your glands and organs.