Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum Wellness represents unique and innovative information-based system of providing personalized Wellness care and distribution of beauty and healthcare related products.

The synergy of different bioinformatics tools, and knowledge of traditional medical science has surfaced Quantum Wellness concept aiming to detect and eliminate abnormalities, long before first symptoms show up in that regard.

Quantum Wellness technology represents personalization of services and products as per each individual.

Depending on the partners’ business scope, Quantum Zone technology adapts Capsules (Quantum Zones) to their needs; each Capsule representing one Zone, could be equipped with different software and hardware relevant to both diagnostics and/or therapies, depending on the service to be provided.

Scanning software focus on detecting energy and functional abnormalities at a cell level, thus preventing many aesthetic and health problems ahead of time, and slowing down the aging process. All protocols in Quantum Zones are painless, non-invasive/non-radiative and use no chemicals.

Imagine being able to offer your clients at the fitness center or hotel guests personalized diet programs, completely individualized treatments and therapies based on the root of their problem, with the ability to monitor, evaluate and even predict the effectiveness of treatments or therapies.

The Quantum Wellness technology enables a whole new individual approach to common programs like detox, weight correction or anti-age programs.

Quantum Zone is a multifunctional and modernly designed space equipped with innovative software for the implementation of various diagnostic and therapeutic programs.

Depending on the models and software implemented in the Quantum Zone, each client can gain valuable information about their health through several levels of diagnostics:

  • Detection of irregularities before the onset of symptoms;
  • Identification of possible causes and mechanism of occurrence of the problem;
  • Proposal for optimal nutrition, supplementation and therapy, as well as predicting their results.

Our technological solution is able to perform over 20,000 tests and analyze additionally:

  • Current biological age of the organism;
  • Potential for a disease development, prior to first symptoms;
  • Effectiveness of supplementation, medication or cosmetics, prior to taking;
  • Possible contradictions;
  • Optimal diet;
  • Mineral and vitamin status;
  • Toxicity assessment level;
  • Presence of viruses, parasites or bacteria;
  • Ph of organism;
  • Food intolerance and more …

By using Quantum Wellness technology products, it is possible to predict health and aesthetic problems before the onset of symptoms, which gives us the opportunity to prevent those irregularities.

Understanding and finding the cause and mechanism of the problem is a prerequisite for a good therapy.

The results obtained are NOT a substitute for conventional medical tests and analyses such as ultrasound, scanners and laboratory tests. Unlike biochemical analysis, these are biophysical analyses, and while ultrasound and scanner detect morphological changes (how the organ looks), Quantum Wellness technology and its functional diagnostic, reveal functional abnormalities (how the organ works).

No. Functional diagnostic is unable to detect morphological changes, but only functional irregularities. However, functional diagnostic would in such case reveal important information indicating whether conditions and a favorable environment have been created in the organism, that could lead to uncontrolled cell multiplication, which is very important. By the time the cancer is morphologically “visible”, it is already 3 to 5 years old.

The first initial screening takes about 20-min.
Measurements are made over 6 information zones on the body (similar to an ECG examination).  The examination itself is completely non-invasive and enjoyable while the client is seated in a “zero-gravity” lounge chair. The results obtained will indicate all irregularities in the functioning of the organism, the functional state of each organ and organism as a whole, the energy level, the presence of toxins and parasites, the mineral-vitamin status and several hundred more reports. If necessary, with differential diagnostics, we are able to detect the root of all connected or disconnected irregularities.

Quantum Zone offers its clients the possibility of conducting various treatments based on energy, sound and light therapy, as well as for implementing innovative procedures in the field of quantum information medicine. All treatments are completely non-invasive and their primary goal is the activated healing ability of the body to heal itself. This integrated system in this space, among other things, achieves:

Mental relaxation
Revitalization and improvement of general health
Stress Reduction
Increasing energy at the cellular level
Circulatory stimulation
Alkalinization of an organism,
Cell detoxification.

Like screening, the treatments are completely non-invasive and enjoyable, and are carried out in the Quantum Zone, “zero-gravity” lounge chair. Clients, depending on the type of treatment, are exposed to low waves and frequencies that are the product of various hardware and software systems.