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The cytologists Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, former chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee, found out that almost all acute and chronic diseases may be caused by a decrease in the cell’s membrane voltage.

Every living thing on the planet gives and receives energy including the cells in your body! This energy forms Fields in your body that we call the  Human “Body-Bio Field”.

Your Body-Bio Field transmits information to your cells’ own energy fields about what biochemical functions to perform and in what order.

When this energy is blocked, the information is also blocked and your body becomes tired and ceases to function the way it should. Yet medicine today totally ignores the health and strength of the body’s energy fields.  More info…

System is the perfect supporter for short, regenerative deep sleep phases.

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1. Increase Alertness

Short rest can improve cognitive functioning and alertness, resulting in a 30% decline in attention failures from baseline measure.

Amin, M. M., et al. (2012). The effects of a mid-day nap on the neurocognitive performance of first-year medical residents: a controlled interventional pilot study. Academic Medicine, 87(10), 1428-1433.

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2. Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Systematic midday napping (at least 3 times per week) is associated with a 37% lower risk of coronary heart disease.

Naska, A., et al. (2007). Siesta in healthy adults and coronary mortality in the general population. Archives of internal medicine, 167(3), 296-301

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3. Boost Productivity

Lack of sleep causes workers to perform at subpar levels. Harvard researchers estimate that sleep deprivation costs US companies $63 billion in lost productivity per year.

Kessler, R. C., et al. (2011). Insomnia and the performance of US workers: results from the America insomnia survey. Sleep, 34(9), 1161.

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4. Enhance Learning

Even an ultra short period of sleep is sufficient to enhance memory processing.

Lahl, O., et al. (2008). An ultra short episode of sleep is sufficient to promote declarative memory performance. Journal of sleep research, 17(1), 3-10.

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5. Reduce Stress

Daytime napping stops or even reverses the process of deterioration in visual perception, thus helping individuals cope with information overload.

Mednick, S. C., et al. (2002). The restorative effect of naps on perceptual deterioration. Nature neuroscience, 5(7), 677-681.

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6. Improve Mood

Naps improve performance level and self-confidence of task performance.

Hayashi, M., et al. (1999). The effects of a 20 min nap in the mid-afternoon on mood, performance and EEG activity. Clinical Neurophysiology, 110(2), 272-279.

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System is the perfect supporter for short, regenerative deep sleep phases.

System is the perfect supporter for short, regenerative deep sleep phases.

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Indications for applications Denas Vertebra-2

  • Osteochondrosis, different back pain: acute, chronic pain syndrome in the area of back;
  • Muscle pain related to increased physical exercises;
  • Early and deferred rehabilitation after acute diseases, surgeries and traumas of various localization;
  • Increasing adaptation capabilities of the body under exposure to unfavourable pathogen factors: stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, psycho-emotional instability, sexual dysfunctions;
  • Functional internal disorders.

Automatic programs of Denas-Vertebra

  • Prevention and therapy of neurosis, correction of sleep disorder, complex therapy of cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary and digestive disorders.
  • Moderate pain in back and neck, muscle overstrain, acute condition of internal organs diseases;
  • Severe pain in back and neck, rehabilitation after surgery;
  • Emergency in case of localized back pain.
  • NEW! Individual prevention and therapy of acute and chronic spinal diseases. It improves the results of treatment of acute and chronic pain in back with course applying of programs B and C. Denas – Vertebra-2 automatically finds this problem zone and will stimulate it in therapeutic purposes. Also very important indication to use the program “E” is the effects that we’re getting by massaging the spine with general regulatory actions.
Denas-Vertebra-2 as well as Denas-Vertebra uses method of electro stimulation “running wave” – alternate switching of 48 inbuilt electrodes, which provides additional massage effect. You can use Denas-Vertebra-2 at home as well as in clinics. It is easy for control and does not require any medical education or experience. General Specifications for Denas-Vertebra-2: • Power source: 1,5 B LR6/AA (2 it.); • Denas-Vertebra consists of the control unit (the device) and external electrodes. Weight of control unit – max 100 g, external electrodes – max 5 kg; • Dimensions of the main parts of the electro stimulator: control unit – 140 х 55 х 28 mm, external electrodes – 900 х 365 х 70 mm; • Language: Russian + English manual (it uses only international symbols on the display, there are no Russian or other words inside for its control). For details please download below Friendly manual. Warranty: 2 years extended warranty Downloads available 1. Certificates 2. Brief_friendly_manual_Denas-Vertebra-2 (Size 10 MB, PDF) Note, you need “Adobe Reader” to open this document   Watch “New features of Denas-Vertebra-2”

System is the perfect supporter for short, regenerative deep sleep phases.

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In comparison with previous generation device – Denas-PCM-5, New – 2020 year model Neurodens-PCM-6 has the following Scenar advantages. In Neurodens-PCM-6 all the programs, frequencies and modesfound in the previous devices have been preserved, and two new frequencies have been added – these are the frequency of 125 Hz and the modulated mode “77 20”. The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild analgesic effect. Due to this frequency the mechanism of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses is increased. “77 20” gives the pronounced vascular (regulates the vascular tone), antiedematous and lymphatic drainage effects. The next advantage of Neurodens-PCM-6 which can be noticed at first sight, is its appearance and user features, maximally adapted for a beginner. Special hollows for fingers on the back panel, comfortable location of the buttons, the streamline, subelongated form of the body – Neurodens-PCM-6 is good for holding in the hand and it is very comfortable to work with it even during long sessions. The display has also been changed: for the first time a fundamentally new liquid crystal display with polycarbonate glass – durable and completely transparent – was installed in Neurodens-PCM-6. The most important innovation which is highly estimated by both a beginner and an experienced user is that Neurodens-PCM-6 is equipped with an electronic instruction for using programs (which has been offered in the paper variant so far). A color picture with the zone on which the device should be put appears on the display when the patient chooses a needed program in the menu of “Express Therapy”. After the procedure is finished on the selected zone (at the session there is a countdown timer), the sound signal is given, and then a picture of the next zone appears. In Neurodens-PCM-6 the Children’s Doctor function was considerably improved. The reviews have shown that it was eagerly accepted and it turned out to be in demand by young parents. After that it was decided to broaden the options and specify the usage of “Children’s Doctor”. Thus, in Neurodens-PCM-6 the age gradation appeared: from 0 to 1 year old; from 1 to 3 years old; from 4 to 7 years old; from 8 to 12 years old. Depending on the age the period of stimulation and a set of regimes for “Express Therapy” change automatically: for each age group certain treatment programs are offered. For instance, most children from 0 to 1 year old have the same illnesses and pathological states – and in this case the treatment programs “Distension”, “Diarrhea”, “Constipation” will come to their aid. The list of indication to use Neurodens-PCM-6 for people of any age is very wide. Please view Indications for Denas therapy. Neurodens-PCM-6 has not only external differences – the device is equipped with the expensive and high-precision electronic components, in particular new highly-integrated chips. These invisible to the naked eye changes are found, first of all, in the main qualities of the product – its durability and service life. Neurodens-PCM-6 is– multi languages. A user is able to set one of the five languages available: Russian, English, German, French and Italian, and then all the inscriptions and the names of the programs will be provided only in that language. Neurodens-PCM-6’s therapeutic features are following:

  • 24 inbuilt programs: allergy, pain, severe pain, bloating, neuro-circulatory dystonia, gynecologic pain, gynaecology, hypertension, hypotonia, head, throat, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal pain, constipation, cough, muscles, cold, potency, kidneys, back, joints, nausea, trauma, asthma;

  • Therapy 1-9,9 HZ – infra-low frequencies for individual selection of stimulating parameters;

  • Therapy 10, 20 HZ – universal frequencies for correction of psycho-emotional state and hormonal imbalance;

  • Therapy 60, 77 – special frequencies for therapy of pain, edema, inflammation, rehabilitation in case of spinal and joint diseases;

  • Therapy 125 HZ – special frequency for mild analgesic effect;

  • Therapy 140, 200 HZ – special frequencies for quick pain relief;

  • Program MED (Minimal Effective Doze) – special mode for prevention of various diseases;

  • Therapy 7710 and 77AM – modulated frequencies with relaxing and toniс effects for organism;

  • Therapy 7720 – modulated frequencies with antistress effect for organism;

  • Screening – helps to selects the optimal zones and points for therapy.

Neurodens-PCM-6 comes with:

  • Electro stimulator;

  • Operation manual in 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian;

  • Consumer container;

  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service in English: specialists of Denas MS Corporation’s Medical Department give consultation concerning the applying of the device – for free of charge only for our customers

General Specifications for Neurodens-PCM-6:

  • Languages of menu: English, German, French, Italian, Russian;

  • Battery: 2 x 1, 5 V LR6/AA;

  • Frequencies: from 1.0 Hz to 9.9 Hz (0.1 Hz grid), 10 Hz, 20 Hz, 60 Hz, 77 Hz, 125 Hz, 140 Hz, 200 Hz;

  • Net weight………….. 0,77 lbs (0,35 kg);

  • Dimensions …………155×50×40 mm;

  • Capability to connect external therapy electrodes.

Warranty: 2 years extended warranty Accessories available for Neurodens-PCM (Denas-PCM-6): 1. DENS Glasses 2. DENS Reflexo 3. DENS Applicators 4. Point Probe 5. Massage electrodes   Downloads available: 1. Certificates Note, you need “Adobe Reader” to open this document

System is the perfect supporter for short, regenerative deep sleep phases.